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A Specially designed program for children from to train them in understanding that Memory cannot be good or bad. What exists is “Trained” or “Untrained” Memory. IT is not important what you have studied; it is very important what you remember of what you have studied.

Excel focuses on giving children a belief that they are born unique, they need not compare themselves with anybody around as the real competition is with themselves.

Does your child face these problem in academics?

Rafi sir’s excel program offers

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handwriting development & grapho-theraphy course

Handwriting has only two categories – good or bad. And it must be surprising to know that “good and bad” handwriting does not exist. What exists is “legible and illegible” handwriting.It is important for the child is to get the right formation of letters which would be of their use all throughout than the style of the writing which invariably would change with the age. And to focus on the formation of the writing with other important aspects as well, we use a different form of writing called “Grapho-therapy”.

This program is not generalised but customised as per the need of the child

Develop Co-ordination betwwn mind and body
Learn finger felexion exercises for stress-free writing
enhance your self esteem through grapho-theraphy
earn to write stress-free during examinations
solve all handwriting related problems
Learn scientific positioning of pen/body
learn to choose the right pen for your fingers
master 5 important elements to improve your handwriting scientifically
improve your grades with better handwriting
LEARN fINGER fLEXION exercises for stress-free writing
improve your speed of writing while you’re copying from the board/book or while being dictated by the teacher.




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Thank you your interest in our programs. The program for adults / professionals is under-going a make over and we shall be back soon with exciting topics included in our workshop.


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Dr. Rafiullah Baig, a Pioneer in Handwriting and Memory Skills, conducts Free Seminars every Sunday to instill the belief in children about being “Champions” in every area of their lives and for parents about the “Art of Happy Parenting”. More than 20 million people in the last 2 decades have attended the seminars.

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